Marble Shipments

Located in the Alp – Himalayan zone where the world’s richest natural stone formations are found, Turkey has a large variety and a large amount of marble reserve. In addition to these resources, Turkey is among the most important natural stone producers of the world with the technology it uses in its developing industry and production.

As MESCO ULUSLARARASI TAŞIMACILIK, we are among the top logistic companies of Turkey in terms of Rough Marble Block and Processed Marble transportation. For many years, we have been organizing import and export loadings of several marble quarry operators to China, India, Southeast Asian Countries, Middle East and America in particular.

In order to have the marbles that are shipped from quarries in blocks at the ports with precise timing, making necessary operational arrangements, giving support to companies during loading, having a good knowledge of the rules about ship stability and completing the subsequent documentation process in accordance with the customs codes of countries, where we carried out loading process, are our main jobs. While giving full support to you in these matters, we are also able to offer the most suitable prices to you, our valuable customers, due to making sea freight contracts in our high volume transports.

MARBLE BLOCKS, DIMENSIONAL MARBLE and GRANITE PLATE are our company’s main transports.

In our country, for the purpose of serving to a MARBLE potential with such a rapid growth, as MESCO, offering services such as:
– providing the most suitable transport fees by making exclusive freight contracts,
– always facilitating the exporter’s/importer’s business in terms of loading operation process,
– supporting mistake-free, fast fund returns with our experience in documentation process,
– working with complete information in order to provide you with a smooth customs clearance process
to our valuable Marble Trading customers are among our most important duties.