As Mesco, we are among the companies which are heard by more people/companies every day, are growing rapidly, and working with the largest volume in the sector. Our loading volume of 3.500 - 4.000 containers per month and 40.000 per year allows us to keep our relations with ship-owner companies constantly updated and strong.

We go and visit countries, ports and agencies at their places. Therefore we can provide appropriate service with complete drafts by having full knowledge of procedures in different countries. Through our wide agency network across the globe, we are able to create fast solutions for private requests, problem identification and easy process management.

We are handling the follow-up of all physical processes that may occur from retrieval of place and equipment confirmation from the ship-owner to finalization of details for loading process by contacting the customer, from in-container loading to inspection of customs procedures for problem-free process, from ship loading plan to arrival to the destination port as of completion of the sale and fixation of the load. Although the decision-makers are the ship-owner companies, we are trying to direct every stage of the process in line with the customer interests in cases of delay and damage.

Unlike our rivals, we are aiming for lower intakes instead of higher sales in marketing activities, therefore we are strengthening our customer relations with “Win - Win” strategy!

Thus, we create the infrastructure of “High service quality with low cost” strategy. In the wake of making a difference in marble sector in particular, we managed to become the solution partner of import and export companies by diversifying our brand value in sectors such as Foodstuff, Construction Materials, Projects and Automotive.

In the framework of high service quality and solution partnership, we have a principle of working as “the import - export departments within the structure of our customers” in line with our current objectives!

Since the day we were founded, we are growing rapidly with corporate, technological, modern, trend-tracking, energetic and a young organizational culture!