For Mesco, the basis of achieving the objectives and success is HUMANS!

Making the human resources strong is our main objective by raising young manager candidates with high success potential.

In the framework of corporate culture, bringing a common point of view to the team, using the human resources in the most effective manner, providing personal and occupational development with continuous trainings, prioritizing humans resources, its functions and the concept of “customer-orientation” in planning and actualization, providing opportunity for employees in the company to switch horizontally-vertically by coordinating the performance evaluation and career planning studies are the main principles of MESCO Human Resources.


Under the umbrella of Mesco: raising hard-working, skilled, creative and successful people with strong communication skills, and helping their developments under equal conditions by making investments to them, providing them with a career opportunity in this sector by allowing them to be promoted are among our most important and unchangeable principles!

In the work environment, constant information flow is provided by advanced technology. Fast and accurate decision making is only achieved with correct information flow and appropriate technology. Keeping the communication channels open is only possible with talking and discussing about the problems and issues in every aspects.

WE believe that the problems must be solved instantly and in place, not by working at desks. The objective is to raise entrepreneur, participant, predisposed to problem solving, creative, energetic, vigorous and most importantly HAPPY professionals with high social and cultural awareness.

Our human resources policy is to contribute to the career development with performance evaluation by employing the right person at the right time in the accurate position by being customer-oriented.


• To provide a work environment that will keep the team in comfort, their job satisfaction high, and will allow them to climb the career steps up.
• To develop a team spirit that will encourage intercorporate information sharing and open communication.
• To provide coordination of company strategy and the management of human resources.
• To create a work environment where success is rewarded by supporting the personal and occupational developments.
• To maintain the principles of being objective and sensitive in every stages of the company equally
• To create a culture that encourages following innovations and creativity